Sunday, March 14, 2010


Black Eyed Peas said it best, "we are the now generation, we are the generation now" So that being said do you ever see something or someone and it all of a sudden you are motivated to go and get what you want? I'm feeling that way right about now so I hope some of these people can help give you that drive........

Fly Union, an up and coming hip-hop group from Columbus,Ohio. This is an older video from when the group was first starting out.

Sam Adams, a student at Trinity College and currently has the #3 downloads on Itunes hip-hop chart.

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook who is only 25 years old.

You Probably already know these guys.....

I think that should be enough motivation for today let me know if you need more.
Remember everybody sleeps but only few can reach their dreams-deydreamin'

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