Thursday, June 30, 2011


So unless you've been living under a rock for the past 18 weeks, you must have heard Rumour has it by Adele on the radio or seen the video on the tele. Her 2nd album 21 ($9.99) has been #1 on the Billboard charts for 18 WEEKS people!!. Personally, i'm addicted to the album but i'm also secretly addicted to watching covers of her songs because they showcase the range of any singer that is brave enough. This cover is by Jeremih, who sings Birthday Sex and Down on Me. Check it out because its kinna rare, an acoustic version and very raw too which makes it very authentic. Give it a listen

Beyonce: Year of 4

MTV premieres a special of Beyonce, which documents her past 12 months in preparation for her studio album, this chick puts in work.

Money on my Mind

Money isn't everything, not having it is

Finally Famous

This album promises to be a hit from this G.O.O.D music artist (Kanye West's label) after numerous mixtapes and collaborations. Released two days ago, you can buy it on Amazon ($7.99) and help yourself to beats from the Neptunes and featured artists including Chris Brown, Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West. Check it out!

Put Some Good In

This is my kinna jam on a nice summer day...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A/C Section: EurAsian

We fully acknowledge the fact that there cool people EVERYWHERE. So keeping in line with the last post from the A/C Section , we're going from Europe to Asia to see what the cool kids are up to. Let me put out a disclaimer that these people you see are not high fashion models. They are dressing as they regularly would and they aren't getting paid to dress or pose to take a pic. This is beauty of street style and fashion. It makes it more human and less ideal, which fashion houses and brands tend to unconsiously do. Enjoy the street style from London, Paris and Singapore!!
Recently here at Deydreamin we have been adding new equipment to our company, so I have been feeling my way around some of our new things. The other day I decided to go my old elementary school out play around with our new Canon t3i. Im still feeling my way around the camera so bare with me, heres are a few pics.

High End Style

Louis Vuitton is high end luggage designer that has expanded their brand to include high end fashion. Celebrities have embrace the fashion brand by participating in their rather ambitious ad campagins. Kanye West has most notably been vocal in his support for the brand by claiming he's the "Louis Vuitton don". Among West, Angelina Jolie recently shot a video campaign going back to Cambodia where she adopted her first child and Bono also shot a campaign for the brand's "ethical product line" in Africa, where he is active in his charitable endevors. The biggest surprise was the support for the brand as pledged by founding member of the Rolling Stones Keith Richards. The direction of these campaigns is making a statement of the brand's versatility and wide appeal around the world.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm on one

Here you go, btw im still trying to figure out what I'm on one means, if you know please do comment.

Marvin's Room Official Video

What a coincidence! The official vid drops the same day as the remix. Welp! Give it a watch folks!

And Marvin's room must be packed as hell because everybody's doing a remix from Chris Brown to Jojo and even Teyanna Taylor. I know the song's hot but why does everybody think they can out-do Drizzy Drake? To be honest, the more I hear, the more I like the original version. Tell us which one you like better. Today I got this on repeat!!


Fring, the popular mobile phone instant messaging applet is trampling all their competitors by producing 4-way video chat. The best part about it is that its FREE, thats right F-R-E-E. At Deydreamin, there's nothing we love more than to bring you these sweet deals cuz we love 'em as much as you do. Its available in the Apple Store(for iPhone and iPad users... hell yeah), the Android Market and the Nokia store(huh?!). Blackberry users get the shaft, but we think its a smart decision on Fring's part since the company is sinking faster than the titanic.

Incase Audio

So if you haven't figured it out yet, here at Deydreamin' we like to consider ourselves audiophiles. Incase, the popular bag and case company for Apple products, is launching their own line of headphones & earphones($TBA). The headphones are advertised in a matte grey finish with four different styles to appease the preferences of their target market from earbuds to over the ear headphones. Given the high quality of the products they deliver, we can expect that their new line of headphones & earphones will be nothing short of great.

A/C Section: Fly

These guys look real fly decked out in their suspenders with their rolled-up shirt sleeves. They make style look so effortless and eclectic. Both wearing blue pants, they each wear different colors of shirts with a matching wallet chain, tote bag, necklaces and bracelets. I really can appreciate their sense of style as brought to you by Street Etiquette, another street style blog. Check it out

Marvin's Room Remix

To tell the truth I didn't expect Chris Brown to do a remix on this song because of Rihanna's close association with Drake. But I can't knock it. Ignoring his erratic behavior recently, I have to admit that I'm feeling this as a follow up to Drake's original track that I can't get outta my head.

And More Planking...

Here you go folks!! You asked for it. This is most watched Youtube video on planking. Check it out!! Feel free to leave a comment and take a look at the original post !! In the words of Jay-Z, its all entertainment!

THE Summer Jam

Anytime I play this song, I instantly think of summer. How do artists manage to do that? Bring back that nostalgic feeling back in the day when school just let out, everyone's buzzing with excitement cuz you have months worth of free time. Some people sit inside glued to their tv sets playing video games, while others are outside playing around with friends. Man, those were the good old days. No responsibilities, not a care in the world, its just the good old summertime. Give the song a listen and see if it does the same to you. Enjoy!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Temper Trap

I was put on to The Temper Trap while on a visit to Athens, Ohio. There music reminds me of a chill spring day, I really dig the authentic sound.


I think i'm a little late, but this past weekend I have been seeing continuous twitpics of people planking, frankly I think its hilarious. But at the same time its kind sad that this has become a trend because of someone's death.
Decided I'd give it a go lol
This bear is struggling with his
And he's a bit extreme
Baby Planking
Escalator Planking
mini keg planking....btw thats some really good balance
And sink planking, there are many more ridiculous photos of this new craze lol

Look at him now

Machine Gun Kelly's latest visual, saw him perform last year to a crow of maybe 200 people if that, as if there were thousands there. Look at him now, must say im inspired by his drive.

8 fest - Machine Gun Kelly "Midwest Side" (HD) from CreMedia on Vimeo.

Deydreamin Review: Pro Monster Beats by Dre

Since the last Deydreamin' review was so popular, I decided that a review of the Monster Pro Beats by Dre headphones was in order. The Pro Beats ($499) can be considered as a well deserved upgrade to the Studio Beats by Dre that is fairly commonplace now. The frame is a lot sturdier than the Studio Beats, which is good for durability but its a tad bit heavier than its predecessor. Regardless, when listening to music on Pro Beats for the first time, you can instantly tell that its intended more for professional use by musicians, producers or DJs that need high quality and durable headphones to use. For the average music listener, the pro beats might be a bit over the top but the diehard music aficionado won't be phased. I recommend the Pro Beats to those music industry professionals that desire a good balance between good quality, durability and clean looks.

Shop without Gilt

For those style aficionados on a budget, its always hard to buy high end clothes and accessories because of the high prices. The Gilt Groupe was started to change that by delivering high end, designer clothing, shoes and accessories at rock bottom prices in flash sales that last from 1-5 days. Gilt Groupe has been performing so well that it recently received over $138 million in funding from Japan's Softbank and Goldman Sachs.The video chronichles their start and their steady growth to become the company they are today. At Deydreamin, we recommend these sites simply because we use them and they work very well. So do yourself a favor by giving your bank account a break, while still managing to be fashionable and look stylish!

A/C Section: Remember the Cool Kids?!?

Since its summer time and its hot as hell, its a perfect time to kickstart the A/C section. The latest trend in fashion now is street style and getting a taste of how real people (and not strung up high fashion, avant garde models) dress. By focusing on street style, it makes fashion and style not seem so serious and takes away the self-conscious aspect of style. People should dress however they want to. If you don't care too much about comfort, then so be it and if you do, dress accordingly! Be yourself and know that style is just an expression of who you are and what you stand for. So take at look at these cool kids from Denmark. Enjoy!!

Suspenders are making a comback people!!

Do you see those red pants!!! Somebody cop me a pair!!

Summer Music

The summer hits just keep pouring in and "Every Gyal" by Chipmunk & Movado provide that summer feel with their video shot on the lush beaches in Portland, Jamaica. The video has only been on youtube for 2 months and it has over 2 million hits. Even though Vybz Kartel's Summertime is generating a lot of buzz, Mavado delivers nothing short of his consistent flow. Give it a listen!!

How to Make it in America

How to Make it in America is Back with its second season. Besides Entourage this is the only other show that I religiously keep up with lol. I feel it inspires folks to chase their dreams, anyone interested should catch up on the first season. The premier of the second season starts in September.

Chess Prodigy

Champ from Deydreamin' on Vimeo.

Went over to Comfest today, and as I was walking back to my car, I came across a 10 year old girl and her father raising money for a trip to Texas, the reason, so that she could go defend her national Chess championship. It so happens she is a six-time champ. Wow!!!! 6 years ago this girl was 4. Funny thing is a pretty confident adult decided there was no way this young girl could beat him in a game of chess, sure enough she did, needless to say I was pretty impressed by her quick thinking at such a young age.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


As the second anniversary of Michael Jackson's death winds down, you've probably played all his music videos & songs, watched all his movies or even bought some of his things but have your read the opus? You've probably never heard of it but the Micheal Jackson Opus($249) is the ultimate Michael Jackson collecter's item that is a 400 page book with 300+ high quality pictures taken throughout his life, weighing in at a whopping 26.5 pounds!! This book is the ultimate tribute to Micheal's memory as all the material was submitted by his closest family, friends and associates. This is sure to make any true Michael Jackson fan really appreciate the most important and prolific moments in his life, captured by those closest to him.

This is it!

The title of Michael Jackson's ill-fated tour was dubbed "This is it!". Nobody really knew that that the tour would turn out to be the last time we would get to experience the King of Pop in the flesh. So all day, Michael Jackson fans around the world are playing MJ songs but that probably won't be enough. We suggest buying "This is it!"($14) on Blu-ray to remember and honor Michael Jackson's final moments in the best quality of video available. The documentary chronicles Michael Jackson's dedication and energy while preparing for his upcoming tour on a number of different rehearsals. I've watched it multiple times and everytime I catch myself singing along to all the different hits he belts out, like i'm watching it the first time. It never gets old.

Michael Jackson Style

One thing Michael Jackson will always be remembered for is his unremarkable sense of style and fashion. He always took the risk and ended up winning over the attention of his fans all over the world. For all you diehard MJ fans, now is the time to prove just how much you care about his style. How? Today, the second anniversary of his death, Michael's iconic thriller jacket will be auctioned off by Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills, California.

The jacket will be auctioned for prices upward of $200,000. If you're a true Michael Jackson fan and have 200k lying around, I would say go for it. This jacket represents a piece of history as it was worn by Michael Jackson in the most watched video of all time. For those of you who can't afford it now, keep dreaming. But while you're at it, be sure to check out the interactive online catalog and panoramic tours they offer.

6/27/2011 Update: The jacket ended up being sold for $1.8 million. Read More...

Young Mike

Its crazy to think he wasn't even a teenager right here, its interesting to see the many groups the Jackson 5 have influenced. Here's a few....

From New Edition to New Kids on the Block

And we cant forget Backstreet Boys and Nsync

Michael Jackson has had an unmistakable impact on all kinds of artists. From when he was younger with the Jackson 5 and being older as a solo artist, his music and his legacy will always have a significant impact on music and entertainment. Michael Jackson set such a high standard for music and entertainment that has yet to be challenged by today's generation of artists. MJ will certainly live on.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Only few people can have an impact on the world the way Michael Jackson did. Today marks the second year anniversary of the day he passed away, just incase it has slipped your mind on how great MJ was, we are going to give you a couple reminders today.

Everytime someone is asked to dance they usually attempt to do the moon walk lol.

My favorite MJ video.

Friday, June 24, 2011


It is interesting to see a change in the trend of music videos by putting more value upon the concept and less about the artist appearing in the video. SBTRKT reminds me of the Weeknd, though I feel both are unique in there own way. I have scowered the internet trying to find the voice behind SBTRKT, and finally found a couple, tell me what you think? lol

1 God

Check out LxE For The Uncool - FLOWʏRS from Curated Magazine on Vimeo. I swear this guys music evolves with each track, not to mention the visual is not only DOPE but thought provoking and he's from Columbus which is where Deydreamin' has its HQ.

London Esentials

This artist represents the epitome of Deydreamin's core and purpose. Supporting upcoming artists. Theophilus London is nothing short of that by consistently delivering his fearless rhymes accompanied by his astute sense of style, as seen in his latest video, reminiscent of the 80s. He provides a list of his 10 essentials in the latest issue of GQ magazine. Check it.

Ear Toys

Wanna upgrade your headphones? Audiophiles beware because if you don't want follow the crowd and jump on the Monster Beats bandwagon, the Sennheiser RS180 ($450) might be your cup of tea. People are starting to realize the value of investing in a good pair of wireless headphones, so why not take the plunge!


This song makes me nostalgic of my summers in Jamaica while growing up. The fact that this tune is running the airwaves back in Jamdown indicates Vybz Kartel's ability to consistently capture the essence of not only summertime but any other time around Jamaica.

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L.A. Woman

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DOPE!!!! Cop his new album.

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Fresco Goods

Macellatore from rkendall9677 on Vimeo.

didnt know Freaky Franz could skate like that.....dope!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shoot Shoot!!!

Live Performance of L.E. For The Uncool "Shoot" in Columbus, Ohio from Whoabro Productions on Vimeo.

Saw this about a week ago....watched and listen to it again today and cant wait to hear the audio... one word dope

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Nemo Achida - Dedication from Nemo Achida on Vimeo.

Its killer, word to Uncle OJ's Bronco.

Cook up

Stalley is representing!!!