Friday, June 11, 2010

DeyDreamin Review: Studio Beats by Dr. Dre

"They're everywhere!" You can see them plastered all over music videos, you hear countless references in the latest songs and the paparazzi always catches the hottest celebs rockin' their own pair. The first thing that anyone would ask is how much would they set them back? The regular price is $350 which is very seems to be very high to any normal person. Hearing the price would probably beg a second question as to whether its worth that much money. Once you have the beats experience it actually turns out to be worth every penny! From un-boxing the studio beats to playing your first song is truly a gratifying musical experience that i've never experienced before. When I describe it to people I say that my studio beats is the like driving a high end luxury car. It makes driving on the shittiest road seem like your driving on a road that was freshly paved!

You can buy the beats here. You won't be disappointed

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