Monday, June 27, 2011

Deydreamin Review: Pro Monster Beats by Dre

Since the last Deydreamin' review was so popular, I decided that a review of the Monster Pro Beats by Dre headphones was in order. The Pro Beats ($499) can be considered as a well deserved upgrade to the Studio Beats by Dre that is fairly commonplace now. The frame is a lot sturdier than the Studio Beats, which is good for durability but its a tad bit heavier than its predecessor. Regardless, when listening to music on Pro Beats for the first time, you can instantly tell that its intended more for professional use by musicians, producers or DJs that need high quality and durable headphones to use. For the average music listener, the pro beats might be a bit over the top but the diehard music aficionado won't be phased. I recommend the Pro Beats to those music industry professionals that desire a good balance between good quality, durability and clean looks.

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